World Community for Christian Meditation

I am very happy to welcome you to the Malaysian Christian Meditation website. I hope your visit will enrich your spiritual search and help you deepen your prayer life and union with Christ. In a time of crisis such as the world is passing through it is vital that there are men and women of a deep interiority and felt peace in all traditions.

Meditation is a universal way of peace. Malaysia holds a special place in The World Community for Christian Meditation because it was there that John Main’s own journey to God took a decisive turn when he was introduced to meditation. This led him in time to rediscover the Christian tradition that it is our work to share today. The essence of this teaching is pure simplicity – but there is a rich and wonderful tradition and many spiritual fruits associated with it.

We welcome you to explore these during your visit. You can find further resources on our main website We would also like to help you to connect with others in the many small groups in Malaysia and around the world who are making this inner journey to God’s indwelling presence a daily practice

With much love
Laurence Freeman OSB

Message from Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB for the 30th Anniversary (1993-2023) of WCCM Malaysia

The birth of the WCCM in 1991 and the inauguration of WCCM Malaysia in 1993 suggest how deeply a part of the global community Malaysian meditators have been from the beginning. The impact of John Main’s meeting with Swami Satyananda in the 1950s has reverberated down the decades, enriching the journey of faith for countless Christians. On my own frequent visits to Malaysia, I have been moved by the depth and generosity of your community and its importance to other Asian WCCM communities in particular. The retreats in Penang and the many conferences in other parts of the country, the wonderful witness of Serena Woon in the early days, Pat’s wise and caring guidance, the involvement of Fr Gerard and other clergy, have been inspirational and creative. So, with all our brothers and sisters around the world, I congratulate you on your 30 th  birthday and thanking God for the grace of contemplation that you have received and shared so generously, and for the years ahead.

Laurence Freeman OSB

Welcome to the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) in Malaysia. The WCCM is an international organisation of practitioners of a meditation method rooted in Christian monastic tradition. This tradition dates back to the Desert Fathers in the 4th Century but was lost somewhere along the way. It was rediscovered by Fr. John Main (1926 – 1982) who re-introduced it to the modern world.

The WCCM was formed in 1991 as a means of continuing John Main’s legacy by spreading the practice and principles of Christian Meditation. Directed by Main’s successor, Fr. Laurence Freeman, O.S.B, the World Community has its headquarters at the International Centre in London and is served by a network of meditation centers throughout the world. This is the website for the Malaysian chapter of the WCCM and we contribute to the mission mainly by sharing this gift with others through Introductory workshops followed by the formation of weekly groups around Malaysia.

We welcome people of all faiths to join us and discover a deepening of your spiritual life.