The Team

WCCM Malaysia Council 2024

Seated L to R : Judith Lee (Treasurer), Mike Yong (Co-ordinator Penang)

Standing: 1st row L to R : Alexandra Wong, Coordinator E. Malaysia, Theresa Fernandes, (Group leader, Ipoh) Pat Por (National Coordinator) Elizabeth (Beth) Rosario ( School Team)
2nd row : Fr. Gerard Theraviam (Spiritual Director), Roland Victor (School Coordinator), Matthew Khong (Ipoh Coordinator)

Not in picture : Nicholas Choong (Group leader SIC, Website), Peter Teh, ( Leader, Mandarin Group CDM Pg)

Top Row ( L to R ) : Beth Rozario SFX, P.J.(School Team), Roland Victor CDM, Pg ( School Coordinator), Nicholas Choong SIC, PJ ( School Team)

Middle Row (L to R) : Fr. Gerard Theraviam CDM. Shah Alam(Spiritual Director), Mike Yong CDM, Pg(Penang Coordinator) Patricia Por SFX, P.J. (National Coordinator) Peter Teh, CDM, Pg (Coordinator, Chinese speaking groups)

Bottom Row (L to R) : Theresa Fernandes , SMC, Ipoh ( School Team) Judith Lee SFA, Cheras( Treasurer) Alexandra Wong CMM, Stutong, Kuching(Co-ordinator, East Malaysia) Melisa Tan CDM, Shah Alam(Coordinator, Children’s meditation)

Absent: Matthew Khong SMC(Ipoh Coordinator)

1st Row (L to R): Nicholas Choong SIC, PJ (School Team), Roland Victor CDM, Pg ( School Coordinator), Peter Teh, CDM, Pg (Coordinator, Chinese speaking groups).

2nd Row (L to R): Mike Yong CDM, Pg (Penang Coordinator), Patricia Por SFX, P.J. (National Coordinator), Angeline Lim (Representing Alexandra Wong, E. Malaysia Coordinator).

3rd Row (L to R): Jenny (Coordinator, Young Adults), Fr. Gerard Theraviam CDM. Shah Alam(Spiritual Director), Beth Rozario SFX, P.J.(School Team).

Bottom Row: Judith Lee SFA, Cheras( Treasurer).

Absent: Matthew Khong, Theresa Fernandes

(L to R) Judith Lee (Treasurer), Fr. Gerard Theraviam (Spiritual Director), Alexandra Wong (Coordinator, East Malaysia), Beth Rozario (National Coordinator), Mike Yong (Coordinator, Penang/Kedah), Jenny Chan ( Coordinator, Perak), Nicholas Choong ( Coordinator, Chinese speaking Groups), Roland Victor (School Coordinator)

National Coordinator, Elizabeth Rozario

Elizabeth retired from a utility company where she spent most of her career in Procurement, specializing in warehousing and logistics. She first experienced meditation during yoga retreats about fifteen years ago, which sparked her interest in Christian Meditation. Later, after discovering WCCM she joined a WCCM meditation group and started meditating the Christian way. The meditation journey continued in fits and starts until a seven day retreat helped her to be more faithful to her practice.

She is a co-leader of the meditation group in her parish of St. Francis Xavier, Petaling Jaya and is a member of the WCCM School Team. She is also an active member of her parish music ministry and a coordinator within her Basic Eclesial Community.

She was appointed National Coordinator effective 1.1.2024

Spiritual Director : Rev.Fr.Gerard Theraviam

Parish priest of Church of Divine Mercy, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Fr Gerard Theraviam has been a seminary rector and formator for much of his life as a priest. He has also been involved in the ministry of spiritual direction and retreats. Currently, the Parish Priest of the Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam, Selangor, he continues to see his involvement in WCCM as an important part of his ministry, sharing the gift of meditation as often as his schedule permits. He is the National Spiritual Director of WCCM.

School Coordinator : Niloufer Harben

Niloufer was introduced to the practice of meditation in the early 1980s through her reading of the spiritual classic, The Cloud of Unknowing. This book made a profound impact on her and started her on the path of meditation. She became a member of WCCM in 2006 and has served as the National Coordinator of the School of Meditation since 2011.

School Coordinator Roland Victor

Roland was introduced to WCCM during an Introductory course held at the Church of Divine Mercy in YR2015. Soon after that he joined the church’s meditation group meetings and started to lead a session to give opportunities for new members to participate. Due to his nature of work and frequent travels, he takes the opportunity to join meditation groups especially at Holy Family Church in Singapore. Meditating during business travels was a norm. Meditation has helped him remained rooted spiritually, continue to serve the local church in various ministries and deal with the daily challenges at work. His priority is to continue to work with related teams to share the gift of meditation to help rediscover this method of prayer within the church community and beyond.

School Coordinator for Children’s meditation: Bernadette Suppiah

Leads group at Church of Divine Mercy, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Bernadette was introduced to meditation through yoga , after a while she was introduced to Christian Meditation and this had a great impact in her life.

Hon Treasurer : Judith Lee

Group member, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Cheras, K.L.

Judith Lee has been the honorary treasurer of WCCM Malaysia since 2011. After 35 years with an Insurance Company she retired in 2010.

She was introduced to Christian meditation when our first National Coordinator,Serena Woon OFS conducted a workshop of “An introduction to Christian meditation“ to parishioners of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Cheras in 2006.

Judith shares:

For getting into the practice ,I owned my sincere gratitude to my former group leader, Helen Chin who initiated the formation of a meditation group into my community and readiness in holding regular practices and provide supportive assistance. To my most delight is that I am following the path that is being spiritually guided, universal recognised and supported in the Christian community .

Having got into the disciplinary practices, the spirit of faith and trust in God is indwelling and while reciting the mantra to letting go of thoughts, calmness with the presence of inner peace and harmony gradually leading within me.

It is a blessing to be with the WCCM community.

Council Member :
Nicholas Choong

Website, Group Leader, Church of St. Ignatius, P.J.

Nicholas was involved with the coaching in the management of Small Business Enterprises for the last 15 years. He is currently active in the church’s various activities that are connected to urban poor. He started meditation in 2011 after attending an Introductory workshop. He also attended the Essential Teaching Workshop in Singapore and subsequently a number of formations and annual retreats in meditation. He started to lead the group in St Ignatius Church Petaling Jaya since 2013 with weekly group meetings. Since then, he has annually organized Introductory sessions on meditation in the church.

Council Member : Joseph Lip

Facebook updates. Member of Section 17 home group.

Joseph was introduced to Christian meditation at an Introductory workshop in 1995 led by Peter Ng in Singapore where he was working in Singapore.
Since then he has played an integral supportive role in all local, national and international WCCM events
and actively updates WCCM news on Facebook.

Council Member : Tang Wan Fong

Database Manager. Member of Cathedral of Holy Spirit, Penang Group.

Wan Fong shares:

Meditation was introduced to me by the late Serena Woon whom I met in the mid 1990s via a mutual friend who was suffering from cancer. Initially, doing meditation was hard going and like most beginners, I practiced the daily meditation on and off.

It was when I moved to my current home and became a member of Serena’s BEC that I joined her meditation group in the late 1990s. Then, I managed to do a daily morning meditation before going off to work. I was a librarian.

After retirement in the year 2000, I was more consistent with my daily meditation sessions. I have found that it sets off my day and somehow things seem to proceed better.

I have become more involved in the meditation practice and in the spread of this form of pure prayer and have been assisting WCCM Malaysia in sending out news of talks, retreats etc which it has been actively organizing.

Council Member / Penang and Kedah Coordinator : Mike Yong

Leader of groups at Church of Divine Mercy, Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Mike  was elected to represent the Penang and Kedah communities since 2016, having meditated for 8 years.

He shares:

It all started when I was introduced to Christian Meditation  by one of the meditators from the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (CHS) and went to a group meditation to know more about  CM.  The experience I felt was like a duck taking to water, but like the duck seemingly calm on the surface of the water was frantically pedaling away under the surface trying to ward off the unending distractions. But then, I have always liked the quieter ambience and this is why I was immediately caught by Christian Meditation.

To me, daily and weekly group meditations are equally important; for God to be in me and to have a deeper understanding of Christian Meditation..  I still attend the group meditation with the Cathedral of Holy Spirit group as well as with the Church of Divine Mercy Penang (CDM Pg) group since I am now a retiree in my mid-60s having worked in 2 multi-national companies for 35 years.

The fruits of meditation must have been obvious to my wife of 40 years, who has also been ‘caught’ by Christian Meditation  since 3 years ago.  We are trying to ‘catch’ our 3 maternal grandchildren now.

Council Member/ Coordinator for East Malaysia :
Alexandra Wong

Leader of group at  Chapel of Mother Mary, Stutong, Kuching.

I  was searching to practise meditation for a while.  In 2011, I heard about  the workshop on Christian Meditation by Fr Paul Cheong.

After attending his course, a few of us starting the group meditation with his guidance. Through the support of the Group, we all receive the fruits of meditation.

One of my main change was the increase of my awareness.  It enhances the quality of my relationships with family, friends and at work. It provides me insights to creativity and wisdom. Meditation has transformed me from a human being to being human.

Council Member : Lucille Lopez

Member of group at Church of St. Thomas More, Subang, Jaya Selangor.

Lucille is a high school teacher.

She shares:

I started to realise that my relationship with GOD could get better. Not just imagine him to be way up in heaven as always and only reachable with repetitive pleading and praying… I WANTED A CLOSE ENCOUNTER.

In 2016 when I started to meditate regularly and have silent moments in prayer… I REALIZED God could be reached IN me… I just had to go inwards… Silently sound the  mantra… and be in his presence… This prayer had translated peace and serendipity in my life and days. I am comfortable and grateful for this universal form of prayer.

Council Member : Matthew Khong

Coordinator for Ipoh. Leader of group at St. Michael’s Church, Ipoh.

I began Meditation with Serena Woon in 2007 but for a spell took a break until 2008 when I attended the Retreat with Fr. Cyprian Consigno.  From then on I became more regular in Meditation,  In 2009 was selected to represent the Ipoh Group and from then on have been facilitating the Tuesday session.  I began assisting in the silent Meditation during the Children’s Liturgy  of the Word (CLOW) more actively when the late Steven Boo left us so suddenly.  Apart from that, I have initiated a group for meditation for children after Catechism classes on the 4th Sunday of every month (as they have singing practices every Sunday except on the 4th Sunday when the children’s choir is on duty during the morning mass).  A group of 4 children attend on a regular basis.

Council Member :
Theresa Fernandes

Leader of group at St. Michael’s Church, Ipoh.

Initially I worked as a Secretary, first in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang and later as Secretary to the Judge in Johor Bahru, Alor Setar and Penang High Court. I read law part-time and later practised in Butterworth and Ipoh. Since 2017 l have stopped practice and am fully retired, spending my time in my garden, social activity and church ministries. I chanced upon Meditation in 2008 when I met up with my friend from Penang, the late Serena Woon, who had decided to retire in Ipoh. Since then, I have gained many insights into my life, both past and present, through daily Meditation. l have gained great calm and been encouraged by many friends who are fellow mediators. This has spurred me to initiate a group on Sunday mornings which was initially for parents waiting for their children who were attending Catechism classes. Since then the group has increased and attracted others too. Apart from that, with the help of the late Steven Boo, I also inculcated silent Meditation into the Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW), replacing the Prayer for the Faithful.

Council Member : Mary Frances Ratnam

Mary has been practicing the John Main method of meditation since late 2010 and has been personally enriched by the practice of prayer in contemplative silence.

She has worked for many years with international non-governmental organisations for the promotion and support of human rights, especially the rights of women and young people to access reproductive health knowledge, information and services.

She is also a strong advocate for the rights of migrant labour to fair and equitable terms of employment.

Council Member :
Peter Teh

I am blessed and first joined CDM SG Ara Christian meditation Wednesday group on 7/6/2016 and now is my 3rd year into the Practice.

I am currently assisting both Wed and Sat. Sat group was later established on 31/3/2017.

On 11/10/2018, a group of Chinese Speaking members together with Joyce and few senior meditators was established. And I am so much blessed to help out one way or another.

On 6/1/2019, CDM SG Ara has kicked off with Children meditation and I am so much blessed again to help out and I believed it went well amidst children laughter. Much work still to be done.

I have also started to bring our Practice into our BEC monthly meeting and also into Prison Ministry especially during my prison visit to inmates.

A long journey ahead of me yet and I have just began. May the Spirit be my guide always.

My special thanks to my leaders and Seniors especially to Mike Yong, Wan Fong and Roland and also Monica Teoh amongst others for guidance and patience. Not forgetting my leaders and seniors from BEC group and Prison Ministry and presiding prist Father Martin among others.

Council Member :
Melisa Tan

Melisa led a hectic life working in international disaster response and forced migration. In the course of her work with displaced populations, her existential pondering inevitably led her towards a meditative path, first as a method to process the myriad emotions arising from injustices seen first hand at work, but eventually as a means to deepening her awareness of self and spirituality.

She attended a yoga-meditation workshop that laid a little foundation but it wasn’t until the Covid-19 nationwide restrictions in 2020 that she began to recognise the benefits and fruits of meditation working within her, after consistently meditating with a group of meditators online. With an inclination for mystical prayer traditions e.g. Sufism, Taizé, she was pleased to discover this form of contemplative prayer existed in the Christian tradition as well.

She is the coordinator of WCCM’s Children’s Meditation programme and coordinator of the meditation group in the parish of Church of Divine Mercy, Shah Alam. She does not consider herself a meditation guru and continues to learn from others in the global community of meditation.

(resigned w.e.f. 20 June 2022.)

Council Member :
Jenny Chan

Jenny’s journey in meditation started in 2010 with her quest for the meaning of life and search for ways to deepen her spirituality. The opportunity presented itself after she attended a session held by the late Serena Woon OFS.  Subsequently, her practice was strengthened at two Introductory Workshops on Christian Meditation held at St. Michael’s Church and Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Ipoh, after which she found peace and calm in the silence.
After a brief stint as Assistant Quantity Surveyor, she settled for the post of Home Minister when Cupid struck and was soon preoccupied with family life. Even though there were struggles initially with this spiritual path, she persevered, joined the meditation group at St. Michael’s church. In her wish to share this gift, she attended an ETW in 2019.
She has also attended Fr. Laurence’s online series for Young Adults in 2021, which will equip her for her role as Coordinator for Young adults.

Advisor : Patricia Por

Patricia is a medical doctor by profession. She received the gift of meditation at an Introductory workshop conducted by Peter Ng in 1995 in Singapore where she was living and working at the time.

She relocated to Malaysia in 1997. Shortly after, the first meditation group of 3 persons, including herself was formed during a transit stop by Fr. Laurence en route back to London from Japan.

In 2004, she was appointed WCCM National Coordinator taking over from the first Coordinator , Serena Woon OFS. She has also served as Regional Coordinator, representing the Asia Pacific region on the WCCM Guiding Board from 2012 to 2018. She continues to share this pearl of Great Price at Introductory workshops and hopes to extend the practice in Palliative Care.

She retired as National Co-ordinator on 31.12 2023 and has assumed the role of Advisor.